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This is the ultimate archaeologist’s treasure chest! Get our exclusive “crate” packaging, a bronze casting of the Giza Sphinx modeled for the game, the leather Scarab Journal, ROTS soundtrack, the Book of the DeadEnds™ in-game hint guide, a ROTS commemorative poster, and an official ROTS T-Shirt.

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The ultimate Riddle of the Sphinx Collector’s Edition “Crate” with ROTS HD Desktop app, Book of the Dead Ends™ Hints & Solutions, ROTS Scarab branded Leather Journal, Scarab “Crate” USB Drive (3.0), and breath-taking commemorative poster featuring a hi-res ROTS screenshot! PLUS, you receive a limited edition brass casting of the Giza Sphinx in the game!


  • Exclusive “Archaeological Crate” Packaging
  • ROTS Leather Journal
  • ROTS Commemorative Poster
  • Bronze casting of the Giza Sphinx 3d model!
  • ROTS Awakening Desktop App (Mac/Win)
  • Book of the Dead-Ends™ In-Game Hint Guide
  • ROTS Awakening Digital Soundtrack
  • ROTS Scarab “Crate” USB Drive 3.0 (loaded with soundtrack files)

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Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 16.38 × 10.38 × 6.38 in

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