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Riddle of the Sphinx™

Riddle of the Sphinx™ is an epic Egyptian adventure featuring immersive exploration of the Sphinx, Giza Plateau, and Great Pyramid. Your friend, Sir Gil Blythe Geoffreys, sends for you with a cryptic message and a dire warning. This begins your quest to explore ancient monuments, discover secret passages, uncover ancient artifacts, and solve a Riddle perplexing mankind for millennia… the Riddle of the Sphinx™!

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The Omega Stone™

The Omega Stone™ is the sequel to Riddle of the Sphinx™, and equally epic in scope. But this time, you are on an adventure that takes you to the ends of the earth as you explore the Giza Plateau and Sphinx once again, plus Stone Henge, Easter Island, Santorini (looking for Atlantis), Bermuda Triangle, and the Mayan monuments at Chichen Itza. Along the way, you will meet quirky and mysterious characters, and discover a treasure trove of secrets. What is the Omega Stone? And why is the cryptic warning about an impending revelation so dire?