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Riddle of the Sphinx™ The Awakening LIVE on Steam!

By February 2, 2021Announcements, Articles

The Awakening has begun…

Old World Studios™ is excited to announce that Riddle of the Sphinx™ The Awakening (HD Enhanced Edition) has been officially released and is live on Steam!

New to this release are these DLCs (expansion packs): Book of the Dead Ends™ in-game Hints & Solutions, Moonlight Exploration, and Gil’s Secret Library.

Enhanced edition gameplay features:

  • Hours of challenging gameplay
  • Complex puzzles and subtly hidden clues to challenge your skills
  • Beautifully rendered 3D environments and scenes with meticulous attention to detail
  • Cinematic animations and cut-scenes throughout the game
  • Historical accuracy and real-world archaeological puzzle integration
  • An original, richly orchestrated Egyptian soundtrack
  • Over 50 million square feet of exploration

Enhanced edition engine features:

  • HD resolution: every element has been HD enhanced
  • Exceedingly fast navigation
  • Cinematic transitions & node warping
  • Real-time environmental FX: 4,500-year-old tomb dust, gnats, sand, bokeh, bubbles, etc.
  • An innovative miniUI with interactive magnifying loupe.
  • A new set of “Flying Scarab” cursors, along with legacy “hand” cursors
  • A robust interactive in-game hint & solutions guide: Book of the Dead Ends™ (sold separately)

Play Riddle of the Sphinx™ The Awakening on Steam now!

Play Now

Background: Old World Studios, game development and publishing studio has released Riddle of the Sphinx™ The Awakening on Steam. The Riddle of the Sphinx game will be released for iOS and Android in the near future. The team behind the HD enhanced edition of Riddle of the Sphinx™ consists of:

  • Charlie Tobler (lead software engineer/game developer)
  • Christian Tobler (lead game developer/software engineer/foley artist/cg artist)
  • Jeff Tobler (co-creator/director/developer/lead artist/music/programming)
  • Karen Tobler (co-creator/director/art direction/marketing)
  • Marta Tobler (packaging/fulfillment/art direction)


  • peleliusion says:

    Hey Jeff! Just wanted to let you know the game is fantastic and very well done! I have a small issue though. I ordered the mobile/desktop adventure pack back in August and I have not yet received the product keys for it. I went ahead and bought another copy on steam so I could play but would still like to get access to my first purchase. I have the receipt and any other information you may need. Thanks!

    • Jeff Tobler says:

      Hi Peleliusion, So glad you’re enjoying the game! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 I think you now have the product keys, but let me know if you still haven’t rec’d them. And keep enjoying the adventure of a lifetime!

  • SirPrimalform says:

    Any chance of a Steam-free version down the road? I’d love to get it on GOG or Fireflower Games.

    • Jeff Tobler says:

      SirPrimalform, we are definitely working toward getting Riddle of the Sphinx™ The Awakening on GOG and other platforms, but they seem to be very backed up at present. We will announce here and on social media when ROTS Awakening is on GOG. Thanks for your interest!

  • Craig Dixon says:

    I don’t want to play on Steam. I was expecting a desktop app. I got the beta, but it hangs up immediately so I waited until I got the collector’s edition package in the mail but found only the soundtrack on the thumb drive. Guess I’ll dust off the 2000 version.

    • Jeff Tobler says:

      Hi Craig, we are working on getting the Game on, but they appear to be backlogged. If it continues too much longer, we will work on getting you a copy somehow. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, you can play the game now on Steam, if you decide to get it a try.

  • Jeff Tobler says:

    To those wondering, we are planning on releasing on GOG, as well, but we have no date or time-frame to announce at this time. We are working with GOG to put ROTS on their platform.

  • Doug Reeder says:

    Hi Jeff and crew!

    I just received the ‘crate from Cairo’ you sent. It is AMAZINGLY done and put me right in the mood to go exploring! It contains the picture, the leather bound notebook, the USB soundtrack and your letter. But I don’t see a copy of the ROTS: THE AWAKENING. Was that not included? I was sure that it said it did on the funding site. Or could it be that it wasn’t released yet?

    So happy you are still keeping this story alive!


    • Jeff Tobler says:

      Hi Doug, and thank you for the kind words 🙂 So glad you’re enjoying the ‘crate from Cairo’ and the goodies within. Regarding the game, we included a note in the crate (it should’ve been in there, anyway) that your keys were emailed to you, which is what we did. Your Steam activation keys were emailed on Feb. 1st to the email you provided for this comment and the one we have on file. These keys unlock the full game and all DLCs. I just emailed them again, so please let us know if you don’t receive them. You might want to check your SPAM folder, too. 😉

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