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Sun, Moon, and Stars!

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Stargazing an Ancient Observatory

Perhaps the most integral area to solving the Riddle of the Sphinx is the Astrological Chamber, in the Great Pyramid.

Here is a look at this newly HD enhanced chamber featuring stunning lighting, new atmospheric effects, and added elements planned in the classic version but never before seen.

Astrological Chamber daytime screenshot.

Stargazers who explore this ancient observatory will discover an enchanting chamber revealing historically, geographically, and astronomically accurate clues.

Less fortunate adventurers have gone before you.

Decoding this information will lead you closer to revealing the Riddle kept under guard by the Great Sphinx for millennia!

Charting Development Progress

All aspects of development are full-time and the team is working all hours to get ROTS released and in the hands of archaeological adventurers (or adventuring archaeologists) everywhere. Those who have played Riddle of the Sphinx know how HUGE this game is. But even to us, the original game designers, the exploratory scope and level of detail is still surprising and, at times, overwhelming.

Exploring the Astrological Chamber

While the conversion process for the original models has been very time-intensive, we continue to make great strides. However, we recently hit a frightening snag in converting the last few models from the original game. Every archive of those particular models either refused to open or opened with severe file corruption. But after much work, thankfully we found a solution, brought in the remaining models in, and are in the process of completing the final assets. We have a few issues we are working on in the largest area, but it is coming along nicely!

We’ve also been optimizing load times, memory management (especially for mobile devices – we were running into limits on some devices), and increasing the speed of our already fast proprietary adventure game engine built on top of Unity. Our adventure game engine should help other games of this genre make it to market, although we won’t be releasing the development engine until after ROTS Awakening is released.

And programming gameplay, exploration navigation, and puzzle integration is also very time-consuming but going very well! We continue to streamline the process as we go.

Eerie exploration and unexpected finds.

But we are most excited to have you experience ROTS exploration with the new engine, especially on mobile. The swipe and tap navigation is very intuitive and fast! It’s been a joy to explore the vastness of the Great Pyramid and its many hidden corridors, and to discover secret chambers on the dev team’s mobile devices. And the desktop version offers even great detail at a higher resolution!

Moonlight observatory

The enhanced graphics, fast engine, new effects, and even enhanced puzzles truly make Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening an ancient Egyptian adventure of epic proportions!

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