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Star-struck and an A-MAZE-ing amount of progress…

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ROTS Awakening is astonishingly epic in scope – something we continue to be amazed with as we wrap up the remaining environments. This epic-ness is good for you but challenging for the team are working very intensely on getting each area converted, rendered, programmed, and tested.

The good news is we are making substantial progress!

Charlie, head software engineer, has done some impressive work programming the many puzzles as well as refining the new game engine he created. Though we redesigned the Astrological chamber puzzle early on for better continuity and more importantly for greater enjoyability for you, Charlie completed this new puzzle programming and it’s beautiful!

Christian has made substantial progress in programming general navigation and gameplay having to wade through a mountain of renderings. He is also part of the rendering team as well as placing all the fire throughout the game. Karen is very thankful she doesn’t have the fire task this time around 🙂

Marta is almost done with the exclusive Collector’s Edition crate packaging. We added some additional touches to this unique packaging. Can’t wait for you to get this in your hands! Marta also collated the full text of the Bible, which is crucial in gaining access to the Great Pyramid. All of the books have been redesign for the higher resolution and readability on smaller devices.

Jeff and Karen are in the final stages of rendering the remaining converted models, as well as the necessary lighting changes and other enhancements. It’s been a joy for us to see this amazing team bring so much more to the project than the original.

The latest areas to be completed are the Astrological Chamber, Lost Temple area, and Subterranean Labyrinth complex — the last two areas containing a massive amount of virtual real-estate, an insane amount of cameras, critical puzzles, and areas that required the most amount of troubleshooting the conversion process. While some of the areas have been relatively painless, these two have been very challenging. But the result was worth the unrelenting effort! See for yourself…

Star-struck: the Astrological Alcove reimagined

Astrological Alcove scene and puzzle redesigned and relit.
What does this ancient Egyptian lotus wheel hieroglyphic decoder do? You’ll have to play to find out…

Lighting a Labyrinth packed with additional elements, updated maps, and some surprises along the way.

Anubis was believed to guard the underworld as the god of death, mummification, and ushering souls into the afterlife.
Horus, the falcon-headed god, represented not only the supreme protector of Pharaoh, but provider and protector of all.
An ancient Egyptian “water lock” waiting to be decoded.
Sacred Pool under intense guardianship by a detail of six Anubis statues. These horns symbolize protection, immortality, salvation, and the notion of “beginning” by the ancients.

We are all more than ready for ROTS Awakening to be released. Though we have been working as hard as possible and are very close, there remain a few more areas to finish up. Thankfully, ALL areas have been converted from the 20+ year old files, so we see increasing light at the end of this proverbial tunnel.

Thank you for your support and amazing patience. We believe the wait will be worth all the effort our amazing team has put forth!

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