I’m stuck on a black screen with compass

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If you find yourself stuck with the loading compass over a black background, it is likely that the autosave file is having trouble loading.

Follow the steps below to continue your progress:

  1. Force quit out of the game. On Windows, press Alt+F4 on your keyboard to close it. On Mac, press COMMAND+OPTION+ESC.
  2. Relaunch the game.
  3. When you see the intro animation, press and release the s key.
  4. This will load your autosave in safeMode.

If the above doesn’t work, you can attempt to bypass your autosave by following the steps above, but pressing and releasing the x key in step 3, above, instead of s.

Bypassing an autosave will ultimately overwrite your autosave as a new autosave will be written once you land at the beginning of the game. It is good practice to save your games manually at crucial spots.
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