ROTS Awakening 1.0(r2) Release Notes

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ROTS Awakening 1.0(r2) – “Paw Patch”

This is a major patch for both Mac and Win builds that resolves many small and few larger issues affecting gameplay and UI interaction. We encourage you to update to Paw Patch for the best adventure experience. And we will continue to quickly address issues as they come to our attention. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and/or reported these issues.

While not everyone experienced most of the following issues, they were either reported by users (and verified) or discovered by the dev team:

  • Fixed soft locks (covers several reported soft locks/freezes)
  • Fixed premature Cheoptronic auto-retrieval
  • Fixed RaPyr door zoom/soft lock
  • Fixed DLC panels lock/unlock status (infrequent)
  • Fixed right-click turning pages in books
  • Fixed hiding of notebook when taking photos
  • Fixed Chamber of Ages navigation issue after solving (rare)
  • Refined Chamber of Ages keys behavior
  • Refined sand ramp access from Tent near Great Pyramid
  • Fixed click-thru at Starwall in Astrological Chamber
  • Fixed New Game clean-up of previous gameplay settings
  • Fixed rendering anomalies in Temple Landscape
  • Fixed Bible version
  • Fixed Psalms page rendering in Bible
  • Added sound to sand cull filling
  • Added sound to airshaft ‘door’
  • Added “Entombed” music to Tomb chamber, as in original
  • Lengthened Festive flute playing time
  • Refined ITV toggles
  • Expanded Advanced Settings options
  • Improved Loupe functionality
Known Issues:
  • Some Windows 7 users experience a black flash and crash upon start up. We have a test build in the works that we hope to upload shortly.
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