NEW Tools & Weaponry Chamber Rendering Comparison

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For those of you familiar with the legacy version of Riddle of the Sphinx, you will recognize this chamber. But what you haven’t seen yet is the difference in the new renderings we’ve been toiling over.

Much of our time is spent bringing the models out of the older 3D application (currently only running on Mac OS 9 on an emulator – still amazed this is possible!), converting geometry, cameras, and even lighting. We are intentionally enhancing camera angles and lighting, even textures, when called for. But we are most excited about the enhanced shadows, ambient light, and richer colors, due in large part to rendering in Strata’s Raydiosity.

Compare below and you will immediately see the difference!


This is the rendering from the original release of ROTS.
This is the rendering from the original release of ROTS.

That is the original. Now, behold the enhanced HD Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening rendering…

New enhanced HD rendering from Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening
New enhanced HD rendering from Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening

And to give you an idea of the new details you will be experiencing in this version, take a look at this…

This close-up of some ancient Egyptian treasures beautifully displays the enhanced “Awakening” version…

Close-up shot of wooden coffer and urn with arrows.
Close-up shot of wooden coffer and urn with arrows.

More updates to come, plus some surprises in this chamber that were not in the original room!

THANK YOU for your support and your patience. We still have more conversions, rendering, and engine work, but it’s coming together and will prove to be an even larger archaeological adventure of the millennia!

ROTS Awakening Progress

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It’s been a while since we have updated but we have been working on the very tedious process of bringing all the old models out of Strata StudioPro Blitz in OS 9 and into the newest version of Strata Design 3d. Quite a lot of work but it’s going smoothly thanks to Strata and Rand.

Plus, we are excited to announce the lead programmer from The Omega Stone, Thomas Carton, has come on board (remotely from France) to help with programming and game development. Thomas is a huge asset to this undertaking – an amazing talent and a great friend! Charlie and Thomas are working very closely on the new engine.

We will be posting screenshots once we have all the environments converted and rendering begins.

Lastly, we have had a few new backers from Old World Studios campaign site:

Thank you and welcome to our newest backers!

While we are clearly in the beginning phases still, we can see a dimly lit torch and the hint of eerily dancing shadows at the end of this eerie corridor of resurrecting Riddle is the Sphinx: The Awakening.

post image

King Tut’s dagger discovery: made from meteorite! Discover Tut’s dagger and more in Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening

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In a shocking discovery, researchers have found that King Tut’s dagger is literally “out of this world’! The iron with which the dagger is composed has been identified as meteoritic, meaning the iron came from meteorites that fell to the earth from outer space. This is due to the higher nickel and cobalt levels in the iron, a trait that is unseen in terrestrial iron. This provides evidence that Bronze Age blacksmiths found their iron in meteorites, as opposed to smelting it from the earth’s crust.

To read more about this epic finding, head over to

Remember, you can experience the mysteries of King Tut’s dagger and many more artifacts in Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening!

Egyptian adventure game mirrors recent Great Pyramid discovery!

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On November 3rd, it was widely reported that French scientists made a discovery of the century! They found a large mysterious void in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Now, you have the chance to explore it for yourself…

MOSELLE (SAINT LOUIS), Missouri, Nov 7, 2017 — National Geographic magazine stated that the mysterious void just discovered will not be explorable, since there are no known corridors connecting the Grand Gallery to this “void.” Coincidentally, an Egyptian adventure game has mirrored these staggering developments.

Old World Studios, the developers of Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening, conducted a tremendous amount of research, to make an adventure game that modeled all of the existing monuments and chambers to exact specifications. But they went even further by building access to the many speculated hidden chambers and corridors thought to be within the Great Pyramid.

Charlie Tobler, co-developer and lead programmer, states: “We took some artistic license, of course, but much of what you explore is true to life as if you were to explore the Great Pyramid and Sphinx in person. Now people can experience one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, without all the red tape and expense involved in an expedition of that magnitude.”

“Riddle of the Sphinx came about because Karen and I wanted to explore what lay beyond the existing tombs and chambers in the Great Pyramid. We started with actual archaeological discoveries and scientific speculation and turned those into virtual-reality in Riddle of the Sphinx,” said Jeff Tobler, original co-designer/developer.

If you are interested in virtually exploring the mysterious void found in the Great Pyramid, head over to for more information.

Jeff and Karen Tobler founded Old World Studios with the vision of allowing the exploration of real and fictional “old worlds” virtually through realistic and captivating adventure games. Now, with Charlie and Marta Tobler, their son and daughter-in-law joining the team, they have decided to take their epic adventures to the next level, allowing both new and veteran explorers to experience the wonders that have mesmerized players worldwide. Old World Studios is a subsidiary of LifeTree Games, a company with the purpose of providing exciting, yet wholesome, entertainment.

Forbes: Mysterious Void In Great Pyramid Discovered Using Cosmic Rays

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You’ve probably heard about cosmic rays, or maybe you think they’re some kind of space-laser-beam thing. Actually, ‘cosmic rays’ is the term used by scientists to describe high-energy radiation originating from outside our atmosphere and from the depths of space: