Rediscovering the Jewel of the Nile

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Rediscover the Lost Temple complex…

Perhaps the most breathtaking area to explore in Riddle of the Sphinx is the Lost Temple complex.

The Jewel of the Nile

Compare the old jewel with the new…

Below are newly enhanced scenes compared with the original ROTS Classic scenes. As you can see, with the enhancements in ROTS Awakening, this jewel on the Nile has renewed life!

Outside the Lost Temple (before and after)
Enter the Lost Temple (before and after)
The Lost Temple court (before and after)
Inside the Lost Temple (before and after)
Lost Temple Cliff Statues (before and after)

New jewels to be discovered…

For you seasoned ROTSters, you know that, maybe second to the Sphinx and Great Pyramid, the Lost Temple area has many secrets waiting to be discovered. But now even you experienced ROTS archaeologists will discover new mysteries in this and other areas.

New exploration and mysteries to solve…

So, the big question is, “where are we?”

Well, the game is looking and playing great! To say we are excited about releasing Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening is an understatement.

The team is working around the clock to release before Christmas. But this process has not been without some pretty major hurdles and even obstacles, at times, that delayed the release. This area was by far the most challenging and time-consuming, but with the help of Strata and dogged perseverance by the Old World Studios team, we were able to complete this vast ROTS Awakening scene!

And while someday we hope to share the epic journey and untold challenges of resurrecting this epic archaeological adventure,  we think the results have been worth the effort. Let us know what you think of the new scenes.

What can you do while we wrap-up excavating ROTS and crate-up the remaining artifacts?

Please tell others about the ROTS Awakening, share our Kickstarter, and get ready for the largest archaeological event of the millennia!

Thank you for making this possible and for your patience as we take the necessary time to make Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening better than before!

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